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Tiffany Tatum has a new song that you have got to see and hear!

Her voice has the sweetness of a nightingale with the force of a hurricane.-Howard Scott.


Tiffany has a natural born talent. Bobbi Humphrey.


Tiffany is no stranger to the music scene. In 2004, Tiffany released her first underground CD entitled, A Tainted Love. Her new CD All about Me was release June 19, 2012.


Tiffany mixes old school soul with a touch of Jazz.


Tiffanys musical style has been compared to such music pioneers from Chaka Kahn to Teena Marie and from Jill Scott to Amy Winehouse.


Tiffanys 6 octave vocal range is one to be reckoned with.

Her vocal training has come from such world renowned music composers as Mr. Bill Riley (Celine Dion), Mr. Brian Schexnayder, and opera composer Ms. Glenda Clay (New Arts Six).


Tiffany is not just a world class singer but an exceptional songwriter, actress, and model she is a 1998 graduate of Barbizon School of Modeling and Fashion where she was awarded outstanding female model with attitude of her class.


Tiffany has worked and performed for such great musicians her parents grew up listening to as Tony Terry, Robert Whitfield (The Gap Band), Millie Jackson, Howard Scott (War), Willie Clayton, and Yarbrough and Peoples. Tiffany performed with the Howard Scott Band (War) for two years.


There have been many live performances and interviews worldwide that are unforgettable including live interviews for BET News, The Dallas Morning News, Southern Vibe Magazine, The Fairy Street Mama Show (local cable show), All Music Shoppe Magazine in Hong Kong, Blue Planet TV, The McKinney Star Local News, Soul Authentic Magazine, BET, VH1, MTV, The Entertainment Bank NY. (An Entertainment blog), Hip Hop Weekly and the list goes on.  


Tiffany is a great entertainer her performances are vibrant and overwhelming her music will uplift your soul she is a fantastic crowd pleaser.


In 2008  Tiffany won the American Idol online for Fox 4 where she gain attention form The Dallas Morning News and they did a story on her win.  


Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Tiffany grew up in a music talented family. Music has been a part of her soul since the day she was born.


Tiffany believes in real music, her music is pure and fresh it will bring you inside her world, so check her out and let her music capture your heart and soul.

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Tiffany Tatum Announces the Launch of her newest song, Fake Book.
Dallas, TX - United States - 29 July 2014 - Tiffany Tatum, the 2008 winner of American Idol
Online whose music has been likened to music pioneers from Chaka Kahn to Teena Marie and
from Jill Scott to Amy Winehouse, today announced the debut of her latest song, Fake Book.

I am excited to release my new song, Fake Book, said Tatum. I believe in real music.
My music is pure and fresh and it will bring you inside my world, so check me out and
let my music capture your heart and soul.

She continued, saying, This is who I am. It is my entire vibe and personality.
Who I am as an artist gives a genuine free spirit energy to my fans.

More about Tiffany Tatum:
Tiffanys music career started in 2004 with the release of her first underground CD, A Tainted Love.
Her latest CD, All about Me, was released on June 19, 2012. She mixes old school soul with
a touch of Jazz, and her six octave vocal range is one to be reckoned with. Her vocal training has
come from such world-renowned music composers as Mr. Bill Riley (Celine Dion),
Mr. Brian Schexnayder, and opera composer Ms. Glenda Clay (New Arts Six).

Tiffany has worked with great musicians like Tony Terry, Robert Whitfield (The Gap Band),
Millie Jackson, Howard Scott (War), Willie Clayton, and Yarbrough and Peoples.
Tiffany performed with the Howard Scott Band (War) for two years.

Call the request line at your favorite radio station and request my song.

WXPK   107.1 FM   Briarcliff Manor, NY 
WSB    98.5 FM   Atlanta, GA 
WEZN   99.9 FM   Bridgeport, CT 
WFAS   103.9 FM   Bronxville, NY 
WKJY   98.3 FM   Hempstead, NY 
WWZY   107.1 FM   Long Branch, NJ 
WFAF   106.3 FM   Mount Kisco, NY 
WMGQ   98.3 FM   New Brunswick, NJ 
WWFS   102.7 FM   New York, NY 
WLTW   106.7 FM   New York, NY 
WALK   97.5 FM   Patchogue, NY 
WHUD   100.7 FM   Peekskill, NY 
WAZX   1550 AM   Smyrna, GA 
WEBE   107.9 FM   Westport, CT 
WZGC   92.9 FM   Atlanta, GA 
WPBS   1040 AM   Conyers, GA 
WPBC   1310 AM   Decatur, GA 
WFTD   1080 AM   Marietta, GA 
WZRC   1480 AM   New York, NY 
WBBR   1130 AM   New York, NY 
WDWD   590 AM   Atlanta, GA 
WWJZ   640 AM   Mount Holly, NJ 
WQEW   1560 AM   New York, NY 
WFSH   104.7 FM   Athens, GA 
WWEV   91.5 FM   Cumming, GA 
WVFJ   93.3 FM   Manchester, GA 
WAWZ   99.1 FM   Zarephath, NJ 
WSRV   97.1 FM   Gainesville, GA 
WCBS   101.1 FM   New York, NY 
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WAXQ   104.3 FM   New York, NY 
WFOX   95.9 FM   Norwalk, CT 
WABE   90.1 FM   Atlanta, GA 
WQXR   105.9 FM   Newark, NJ 
WRAS   88.5 FM   Atlanta, GA 
WREK   91.1 FM   Atlanta, GA 
WKRB   90.3 FM   Brooklyn, NY 
WCWP   88.1 FM   Brookville, NY 
WHPC   90.3 FM   Garden City, NY 
WRHU   88.7 FM   Hempstead, NY 
WNYU   89.1 FM   New York, NY 
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WPRB   103.3 FM   Princeton, NJ 
WSOU   89.5 FM   South Orange, NJ 
WSIA   88.9 FM   Staten Island, NY 
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WGBB   1240 AM   Freeport, NY 
WVIP   93.5 FM   New Rochelle, NY 
WKCR   89.9 FM   New York, NY

Stage Name: Tiffany Tatum 

Phone: 469-245-1786   Email: ttatum96@yahoo.com

How did you start in the music business?

When I was 15 I started doing talent shows, weddings, festivals, etc. 

I really didn't start to get in the business until I was 16. 

I started vocal lessons in attempt to improve myself. 

I really didn't get serious until 21.

What are your aspirations? To inspire people and to be the best.

What celebrities are you connected with?  

I am connected with Phat Kat aka Ronnie Cash (rapper from Detroit), Howard Scott (war).

What do you want people to know about you and why? 

I am very confident and easy to talk to. 

I'm a happy person; I laugh a lot and love performing. 

I have fun on stage. This is who I am.

My entire vibe and personality. 

Who I am as an artist gives a genuine free spirit energy to my fans. 

I feel when you hear me and then listen to the next artist, you will be following me.

What have you accomplished as an artist? 

I currently have two albums. 

I have a growing fan base. 

I have been in plays. 

I have Performing and opening for national artist.

What inspires you? 

My music and the way people respond to my music.  

What is your album about? 

My album is about me.

What is your stage name and why?  

Tiffany Tatum is my birth name and the name is very professional. 

Very high maintenance, and classy.

Where can we see more about you on the internet? 


Where have you performed? 

I have performed locally around Texas, California, Georgia, and New York. 

I've performed at festivals, clubs, arenas, stadiums, private parties, etc.

What type of recording artist are you?

I am extremely versatile.

What was the best song you ever recorded?  

My first original song, it is called Lost in Your Love.

Who does your music appeal to? 

My music appeal to everyone.

When did you start Rapping, Singing or Producing? 

I started singing at the age of 3. 

I did my first studio recording at the age of 15.

Who else collaborated on your album?  

Two local rappers, one was my brother B-Tron, and a friend/rapper in the business Chase Styles.

Who in the industry inspires you? 

I am inspired by, Chaka Khan, Teena Marie, Celine Deion, Mariah Carey, CeCe Penniston, Patty Labelle, Amy Whinehouse and Jill Scott.

Who produced your single? 

My single was produced by Thunda Kat from The Hittrap.com (my brother)

Why do you want to be in the music industry?  

I have talent that most people are not privileged to have. 

I want to inspire people through my music. I love what I do.

Why should people buy your music? 

People are tired of hearing the same old stuff.

My music is real. My music is happy. 

My music touches you like therapy to the soul and I know the world will appreciate it.

What is the name of your music video? 

The name of my video is Got Me Gone.


What magazines do you want to appear in? 

I would like to appear in XXL, The Entertainment Weekly, Vibe, Essence, People, and The O Magazine.

What other talents do you have?  

I am a writer, actress, model, fashion designer and I play the saxophone.


What producers did you work with? 

I have worked with ThandaKat, Mr. Qwick and Zekethegr8, all local producers.

What type of Charities do you favor? 

I take part in Lighthouse for the Blind charity.

What words of inspiration do you have? 

Not to give up on what you want to pursue in life. 

Believe that one day you will get there. Persistence pays off!