AUGUST 1, 2014-World-class singer Tiffany Tatum has released a new single entitled "Fakebook"
The fresh new track sheds light on the reality of the current generation's love for social media.

In her newest release, Ms. Tatum uses her powerful voice to draw attention to an issue many people can relate to.

In Fakebook, Ms. Tatum sings about how people use social media to observe others from afar. Without making a real connection, people aren't truly engaging in other people's lives. On the flip side of the coin people who are ultra-concerned with their online appearance are also missing out on reality. In the new single Ms. Tatum sings, "Likes don't mean a thing baby, get a real life"
The Uniquely upbeat new single has a classic-soul-meets-today feel that is sure to reach and inspire people of all genders, ages and race. Fakebook is a tasteful yet striking wake up call for the people of the world who are more in-tune with their social media accounts than their real-world relationships.

With captivating lyrics and unforgettable sound, Ms. Tatum's newest single is receiving incredible feedback. One recent fan said, "Tiffany Tatum has done it again with another great hit!!! I love the song! Keep them coming!"



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